Book Review: Onyx Webb by both Andrea Waltz & Richard Fenton

Onyx Webb is the most creative and brilliantly well written novel I have read. The novel is so different from any other novel with the same genres. I could not believe the stunning plot before me. This powerful read will lure readers straight into its sticky web. A variety of unusual events plus many interesting characters, will keep readers on the edge of their chairs waiting…Both Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton have done an magnificent job in creating the most suspenseful and addictive novel that has be written to this day and time.

Readers will be taken deep into novel containing many plots that will indeed lead into one another. But, readers will be kept wondering what’s next. There’s a billionaire, a prodigy, a ghost, and two show hosts all within this unique story. Plus, many other characters who will leave readers with a sense of danger and chills traveling down their spines. Drama within the Onyx Webb novel, is one that will be highly entertaining as the plots unfold. I loved that that this novel was fast-paced, complex, and full of mystique. I could not get enough of this amazing paranormal fiction. Onyx Webb brings together a set of plots from different time periods. Readers will find themselves connecting with each of the characters. Then there’s the motivational message that ties up this extraordinary read. I loved reading this, and I know others will too. A little of everything all wrapped into one exciting novel. I highly recommend Onyx Webb and rate it a five out of five stars.

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