Book Review: The Cruising Serial Killer by Michael Don Fess

The Cruising Serial Killer by Michael Don Fess is the most intriguing thriller I have read. There’s so much mystery about how people who board the cruise ship yet never leave, end up missing. Cases upon cases of more tourists gone missing piled high on the desk of one man. The news of it all can’t leak out to the press and to the public, for if it did, the cruise ships would no longer be in business. Business life without them would destroy the other businesses that rely on the tourism brought on by these ships. There’s nothing more terrifying than a killer who takes on a new profile. Changing into the victim’s profile keeps the killer on the move killing even more people. Miami Police, Florida’s top Security, the FBI and a detective are all on the chase of one seriously smart serial killer. Will they catch him and what happens if they do?
Michael Don Fess has masterfully woven together a fast-paced criminal unlike any other. A man who cleverly disguises himself out of reach and always a step ahead. Then there’s the latest edge of your seat technology and the killer’s ability in avoiding the cruise line’s cameras. So many what-ifs that will leave readers lured in deeply trying to guess what happens next. Brilliantly well written with characters whose personalities make for an interesting read. Each character differs from the other in ways that help make this a perfect read. I loved reading this story and following each of the characters on a wild goose chase for a killer hidden in plain sight. I highly recommend this novel to all. The Cruising Serial Killer is a must read. Michael Don Fess has given this stunning novel action, suspense, and danger. Everything that will keep readers reading for a long time. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

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