Book Review: Wrong Number Right Guy by Elle Casey

Wrong Number Right Guy by Elle Casey is just that. Elle Casey’s sense of humor in her writing is stunning. It will be hard for readers to stop laughing and smiling as they continue to read. The pages are full of humor, suspense, danger and scorching red-hot lust. But is it just lust or something more? Readers will have to guess. Smart, addictive, and the most alluring read by far. There’s noting like a woman who walks in on a fight gone haywire and one hot hero coming to her rescue. This is one brilliantly well written must have for every reader’s to do list.

A woman gets a text  from her sister. These texts will bring laughter to every reader. As May Wexler heads into the bar prepared to meet her sister and to distract her sister’s kids, she ends up walking into the biggest bar fight of all. Surprised that her sister isn’t there and that she just placed herself into full danger, May soon as a hot fighter coming to her rescue. It isn’t soon that he’s offering her a job and protection. Can a wrong number led a May to the right guy? I highly recommend this heated romance story to all. Elle Casey sure knows how to pack a little of everything into her much anticipated novels yet. I can’t wait to read more by her. Overall, I rate Wrong Number Right Guy a five out of five stars.

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