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US Politics: How does social/ policy reform become law? 

I have been given full and unquestionable authority of the US Government. Any reforms I enact will become the law to be carried out forthwith. I can change the policy as I see fit with no limitations. But before I enact any reform into law, I must think of the consequences it will have upon society as a whole.  As the Congress of the United States, I have this full power to bring into any reform into law and change it as I like.

According to, a reform is the improvement or amendments of what is wrong, corrupt, or unsatisfactory.  Several reforms that I would enact involves with how one can become President of the United States. At first, only men who served in the military could become a President. Now, we have had many Presidents who have never served a single term in the military and yet they are the ones making the big decisions on how and what we do, when war or terrorists threats occur.

How would someone who doesn’t have any war experience suddenly get to have control on these issues serving as the leader of our nation? The last President we had who actually served some military time was George H. W. Bush. Then his son George W. Bush served as President and after him was President Barack Obama. Neither George W. Bush nor Barack Obama served any time fighting in our military. Yet both served as leaders of our nation. Therefore, I would create a reform and enact it into law so that any person running to become our next Presidential leader would have to serve some time fighting in our military. I would make at least a two year requirement. How would I go about getting the reform set up and placed into action?

According to the Library of Congress, ” ‘All legislative Powers’ granted to the Federal government by the Constitution, as stated in Article I, Section I, are vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.”  I have the power to take any reforms and turn them into law. Once made into a law, these reforms will be carried out. The Senate has the power to get allow certain reforms to come through faster to be approved, denied, or changed before it is made into law. Reforms go through many processes and changes before they are finally made into a law.  Next, I will explore the processes and steps into reforms becoming a law and how I can change the policy as I see fit.

Every reform has to survive three stages. The first stage of this process is the committee consideration stage. According to, every reform is sent to a standing committee that the reform’s subject matter goes under. But to do to a large amount of reforms they are sent to a subcommittee for that particular subject area that the reform covers.  A high percentage of these reforms don’t make it to the law.  However, if a reform does survive it goes through a bunch of hearings. These hearing have the top people involved to discuss the particular reform. During these hearings, the reform goes through changes until the committee is ready to send it to the floor. Thus, this leads us to the second stage for the reform to become a law.

The second stage that any reform would go through especially my reform on having US Presidents goes through two years of military service before serving as leaders of our nation, would be the rules committee. Here the reform, will have timed debates and a set of rules on making amendments to the reform. If no amendments are made then the reform it set for the gage rule.

This specific rule allows Senators to take as much as they want to on the reform. However, this can be a problem for the reform becoming a law. This issue is then called a Filibuster. These don’t happen all the time, but can cause the reform to die out before it can become a law. These are not allowed by the two houses according to Since a filibuster is not popular both houses require a quorum, which is a majority vote. Now, is the third step in turning my reform into a law.

Third step in my reform into law is called the conference committees. These are made up of both the House and the Senate. Different versions of my reform will be placed to be for revision. Once a compromised revision form of my reform is complete the will send it back on the floor to be passed and approved by both. Once the approval of my reform is passed by both houses, it then goes to the President to sign. What happens if the President doesn’t approve of my reform and does it still have a chance of becoming a law?

So how does reform become law?

The President can accept or deny a reform that comes to him for signing. If he denies it, this is called vetoing. The President has every right to veto any and all reforms that come to his desk. However, this doesn’t mean that my reform won’t make it as a law.

If it is being vetoed by the President, then my reform will go back to Congress. Congress will need a two-thirds vote for it to become a law. If there is a two-thirds vote than my reform will become a law that will be enacted. Also, there is a third way that my reform can easily become a law, if it is sent to the President to sign and he fails to sign it within a ten day frame than my reform automatically becomes a law. After going through the process of how my reform goes into becoming a law the next step is to weigh how it will affect society as whole.

If my reform goes into law it would require every eligible person running for presidency to have spent at least two years in fighting in one of our military branches. That means every man and woman who want to become President know only have to meet the age requirements and citizen requirements but also meet this new requirement of mine. Why should we, as a people elect people as a leader of our nation who have never experienced fighting for our country like the rest of us who have fought? There are plenty of war veterans who could run for President under my new requirement. War veterans have the war knowledge and experience to see how any decision regarding diplomacy, war tactics, and negotiation can affect our nation overall. They were trained for these kind of things. Unlike most of the rich who run our nation and think that they have the right to run as our leader for our nation. Just because they have money or a fancy degree or the connections doesn’t make them the right individual.

Look at how our latest President has acted. President Obama has acted like a sitting duck. Then he finals “acts out” and what does he do? He goes and makes a deal with who? Iran. One of the countries we should be staying away from and building our defenses against.

How does a nobody like President Obama get elected out of the clear blue to run for Presidency? Last I checked no one included the Republican Party checked to see if he really was an American citizen and whether or not he truly was a Muslim. Majority of Muslims are radicals who kill anyone and everyone. We are seeing the evidence. President Obama was slow to react to the terrorist attacks being made to European nations. Too slow too late to act. Obama has no military experience and yet he’s the one running our nation and forcing his decisions upon us? If my reform doesn’t go into law…we will get another nobody like Obama or Hilary Clinton into office ruling because they have the connections and or the money backing them to do so.

The big question is do we want inexperienced people like President Obama and future to be president like Hilary Clinton who have no war tactic, diplomacy, and negation skills running as our leaders from now and until the end of time? Or do we want people who have the required experience and the knowledge into how things operate and can easily determine the aftermath before they even send out their decisions to be enacted?

Can true reforms come from ‘professional politicians’ ?

I firmly believe our nation would be in the best of hands with someone who has been there out on the field fighting for our country and who has been trained and knows the skills and experience that would help our nation to survive against any upcoming enemies and war that may arise.

Look at Hilary Clinton and President Obama in how they acted, when our ambassadors needed and called for help. They didn’t act when they should have. They didn’t help our own people. War was at hand and yet the sat back letting our own people die at the hands of terrorists. Are we the kind of people or nation that just sits on by while our kind our being slaughtered, mutated, and killed before our eyes?

Or will be want people who have military expertise that would fight back and take action and help our people survive. Trying our best to save our people is a hell lot better than sitting back with a smile watching and knowing that our people are being burned alive.

Our headquarters was being attacked. Yet, we are still wanting Hilary to run for our next President when she couldn’t handle her job as secretary. President Obama should have been impeached yet we allowed him office despite the evidence before our eyes on where his heart is really set. It’s not for our nation that’s for sure and neither is Hilary’s. I want to reform our law on who can become President. By enacting a law that requires at least two years of active tour duty, we will be ensuring that our nation is in safe hands and that will be prepared for any war like situations against our people.

All in all, if I had been given the full and unquestionable authority of the US Government mine would include who can run for President. Any reforms I enact will become the law to be carried out forthwith. I can change the policy as I see fit with no limitations. But before I enact any reform into law, I must think of the consequences it will have upon society as a whole.  As the Congress of the United States, I have this full power to bring into any reform into law and change it as I like.

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