Nightmare Train Part 2

The man looked right as me as if he knew all my secrets. He scared the hell out of me. But I wasn’t going to let him know that. So, I stared right back into those black eyes. He continued to stare at me while everything was happening. When the train began speeding back to where we just came from, I knew right then that something was wrong. Something far more sinster than those images I saw.

My breathing felt caught in my chest. An irractic beat of my heart and sweat dripping down my eyebrows. I wiped them away, only to see the man smiling. How could that be? We’re not going to die. I saw the dead standing behind me. They were the ones who shoot the gunmen. They were the ones speeding the train backwards and yet the evil man standing in front of me was smiling..then he tarted laughing. A sound which I will never forget. He breifly whispered, “this isn’t the end. I always win. You’ll all be dead, if not now then later.”

I swallowed hard. My breathing stopped. I knew what he said was true. This nightmare train isn’t the won’t be the last of this nor of him. He will continue to kill and won’t stop to those of us who survived died. He looked at me again. A knowing look shined into those bottomless black specks for eyes. A shiver ran down my spine. No! No, he has to be stopped! 

It was up to me..or else more dead bodies would add up and the police will never catch him. Just like the never caught him in all this time. If the dead weren’t helping now, all of us including my family and I would be dead now, just like them. Tomorrow, more will be getting on this nightmare train, and more will die. The dead couldn’t keep those alive away no matter how hard they tried.

I opened the train door. Almost falling face forward before the door sild open. The wind or the rush of the train going by so fast left me frozen for several moments. Then gaining my strength back, I was determined to see the man die. Die in the same way those innocent folk died. No mercy. No last minute pleading. Just killed. No hesitation. I went back to the man. Instead of me grabbing him, he grabbed me. Pushing me to the open side.

I screamed. The other passengers tried coming to my aid but the man held a bomb. “Either she dies, or we all die now.”

So, this was the end.

My fate was to die at the hands a serial killer who also was a raving sinister lunatic.

There was only one option left…die taking him with me. Running forward on speeding train is nearly impossible but taking a killer down was worth it. I ran up to him pushing us both off the train car..


Then something big and hot went off…as I hit something hard. My ears buzzed. Then all sound stopped. The train was gone…and the killer was dead. I saw him blow up, before all went dark.

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