Nightmare Train Part 3

I woke up realising I was in bed. My own bed, in my room. Nothing was out of place. Sweat dripped from my forehead and my heart was beating out of control. Somehow, after these three past months, I had a nightmare of the train. Except it was through my point of view. Does that mean the train is once more operating or was this nightmare showing me something from the past? Did those people die? Or were they saved? And that evil man, that died was the same man I saw on the nightmare train. The one that the dead rescued us all from. The very same man that was locked up in solitare for life. So, why then must I still be haunted by these horried dreams?

Getting up, I head into the kitchen and take some water. Maybe, it will cool me off. Just as I took a sip, a vision came through.

This time, I knew exactly what was going on and I wasn’t going to hesitate.

Calling the police, and notifying them anomiously about what was going on was a first for me. I am not a psyhic and yet, the dreams and visions make it seem that way. The police went back to the station only to find it empty just like they eft it. So, they pursued the other details I gave them. They found the master plans for the nightmare train plus new ones. And it turned out that it had been distrubed. By who, they don’t know. But what they found confirmed my own worst fears…

The nightmare train was still in full operation mode. Or going to be.

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