Cover Reveal: The Nightmare Train by Danielle Urban

The Nightmare Train

The Nightmare Train by Danielle Urban protrays a haunting story just as errie and horrifying as the Holocaust but with a modern twist and a horror much worse than Hitler himself. A young girl boards a train with her family, and instead is led to a faraway place reaking of terror and death. Once the train stops, all normality vanishes, and the real horror begins. Hundreds of people, men women, and children board this train and are led to their death. But will this one girl and her family survive along with the others on board? Or will the Nightmare Train continue to lure more people to their untimely death.

This novel was based on a nightmare that occured and has thus become a thriller instead. The nightly terrors and the bone chilling scenes will leave readers wide awake at night. No one should die..especially just for one evil man’s thrill of killing. A brilliant way in capturing innonect people and leading them to believe all is going to be well until the train reaches its final designation. A place where many have died before over and over again. Those who survived, work on the contruction of buildings that once was where all the dead bodies laid. Once a job was complete, the living became the dead. One girl, thousands of dead who are willingly to help, and a bit of courage may evenutally put an end to The Nightmare Train…or so they thought. Readers will love this new edge of your seat thriller. I highly recommend signing up for the arc copies coming soon.

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