Book Review: A Sky So Big by both Ransom Wilcox & Karl Beckstrand

A Sky So Big by both Ransom Wilcox and Karl Beckstrand is a must read Western Romance. I loved reading this novel by both of these talented writers. After reading the back cover on the book, my curiosity of which man might be on the front cover lured me into reading the first chapter to find out. Readers like myself will fall for the charming nature of one of the characters only to finally realize that one of the two main men is the real bad guy. But which one and will Patricia Laughlin find out before it’s too late?

In this intriguing and realistic portrayal of the Western lifestyle I found myself drowning into the deepest part of the plot as it continued to unfold. The main character Patricia Laughlin is the innocent new comer to the Western parts. She comes back home to her father because of his new partner. A partner who is living two different lives. His charms and small talk make Patricia feel safe. Safer than she would be if she was around the other man, who at first appearance proved to be the wrong man to be around. But is she really safe being with the man whom she think is right and safe? Then there’s the matter of her heart. Which man will keep it and which will not? A romance that will melt the hearts of countless readers over and over again. I highly recommend this stunning masterpiece by both Ransome Wilcox and Karl Beckstrand. They both have spun together an irresistible tale that will continue to lure readers deep into its depth. Mystery, suspense, and romance..A Sky So Big has it all. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

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