Book Review: It had to be Love by Tamra Baumann

It Had to Be Love by Tamra Baumann is one of those brilliant romances that remind us that no matter what kind f scars we have or are hiding from the world that we are still truly beautiful, loved, and accepted by others in our lives. We may think our family is the only one who will accept us, and then someone incredible comes into our lives and knocks down all our barries. It is then that we battle with letting go of our fears to accept the loving and caring acceptance of those we have come to trust and fall in love with. I highly recommend this beautiful romance story to all. Tamra Baumann’s talent is nothing but the capturing of raw and realistic love that only happens if we let it. I definitely, look forward to reading more of her amazing novels.

It Had to Be Love is a must read for all. Readers will instantly feel a tug on their hearts and a hope for more. A beautiful woman who had been abused in the past has come to live in a small town. Here she runs into the sexy yet, amazing man who just so happens to be the sherrif. A sherriff who has stopped dating the locals and thinks that moving to another place will help him find the love he’s looking for…until a wonderful yet gorgeous stranger moves into town. Knocking the wind out of his lungs and somehow he knows she’s the one. The more they meet the more he has to know her. She battles with her attraction to the sexy sherriff and wonders if losing her heart to him will be a bad thing or not. The sherriff falls head over in love with this new woman. There’s something about her that makes talking so easy. Will fate allow these two to find what they are looking for? I have said it before, and I will say it again. Tamra Baumann is a talented writer who brings to life her characters and stories. Her stories will forever stay with readers. After reading this first book of hers, I want to read all the others she was wonderfully spun together as well. Overall, I rate this a five out of five stars.

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