Reading for Adventure

I can’t say exactly why I do enjoy reading so much and how I can read so man novels like I do. However, I find myself drawn into each novel like a pull of gravity taking me deep to its center core. Drawing me into worlds rich with culture, laughter, love, and an evilness that will always cast a shiver down one’s spine. How can I not be be so richly absorbed? Each book contains a new world of adventure. Teaming with unique characters unlike many others. They positions and goals may start off like many other characters but it’s their personalities and the author’s raw talent that brings to life the scenes and characters.

Have you ever read a novel that didn’t make you feel an emotional attachement? I don’t think it’s quite possible unless the writer is only just beginning with his or her pen. Quickly now, writers all over are typing away or scrawling down the words to the next and most wonderful stories readers will ever read. I can’t wait until I begin a new book. Whether it’s by a new author or one that is famously well-known to the public’s eye. I can’t resist a piece new literature. Not when the characters are there on a page waiting at my fingertips to be opened and read. The scenes vividly bright and coming off the pages, the characters poping off acting out as I read each typed word on the page. Turning the pages, I rush. I  have to know, I have to find out..what happens next. How does it end? Will there be a major cliffhanger or will that be it? So many possiblities and they are all being written solely for my entertianment. I have to read and continue to share with the world my love and passion for reading an author’s work. How can one not tell others how good a story was? It would be like holding back the world’s greatest secret until I burst into a billion pieces or into flame. And so, I chose to tell you all my greatest adventures and the latest scandals, murders, and mysteries that everyone will find intriguing.

This is the life of a reader. I am to share the greatest pieces of literature with you all. Hoping that my passion of reading ignites a flame of interest into the latest novel or book.

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