Book Revew: The Roundup: Penny and Matthew (Birthrights Book 3) by Coty Justus

Coty Justus is a talented writer whose way with words is brilliantly stunning. Inside this incredible story is packed with several themes that will tug at readers hearts such as trust, loyalty, and love. Not only does The Roundup have these themes but also is packed with adventure, suspense, and intrigue. I feel in love with the characters and the amazing men who are so realistically portrayed it’s hard to tell it’s fiction.

The Roundup by Coty Justus is one that should be read by readers worldwide. It combines action, romance and Native American culture. Coty Justus has a well written story whose plot intrigues readers every page. Readers will also find it humourous and spectacular. I couldn’t get enough of the fabulous characters and their troubles. The Roundup is one novel readers everywhere will not be able to stop reading. The romance between Penny and Matthew is an interesting one. Once Matthew sees Penny, he knows she’s the one for him. Penny also knows that there is one man who is meant for her. Penny has those who want her dead and Matthew knows he needs to protect her. A love so warm and understanding it was beautiful. Also, the way the characters welcomed Penny into their circle is astounding. Today, with all our differences it was nice to read a novel that showed a welcome embrace towards a stranger. I highly recommend reading this novel and look forward to reading the next story by Coty Justus. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

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