Book Review: So..This is Awkward by Timothy Tuttlesmith

So..This is Awkward by Timothy Tuttlesmith is truly an outstanding memoir that leads readers on a journey of discovery. A path that Timothy Tuttlesmith engages his readers with turns out to be funny, hot, delightfully entertaining. Here the man moves to New York where he decides to take on online dating explores things such as his exploration of BDSM. Readers will love reading this story because it’s realistic, well written and lures them deep into the depth of the plot as it continues to unfold. I enjoyed reading this because the character’s personality and his relationship and discoveries made for a stunning read. A nerdy, decent, and a little bit wild kind of guy who searches for the girl of his dreams. So..This is Awkward explores a theme that will touch many readers’ hearts and keep them coming back to read his next masterpiece. Overall, I rate this a five out of five stars and recommend to everyone.

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