Leslie the Slayer

Growing up, I had to learn how to fight without using weapons. My parents had me taking gymantics, ballet, dance, theater and many other things. Of course these all seem harmless and perfectly normal right? Well, it’s more than meets the eye. My parents had me enrolled in all those things for a reason. I also took swim classes as well.To anyone else, I was just an over active normal bright student.However, no one knew the real me know why I did all the things I do.

It’s not like I can go around junior shouting, “I’m a vampire slayer!”

I should receive an award and plague for that but that’s not ever going to happen. No one knows there are vampires living among us humans. Only the slayers do. My family happens to have generations among generations of them. All we are is a big family of normal people who make it their life’s choice to go after vamps. Wow, so interesting. We can’t even share how many vamps we slayed with anyone without them thinking we’re nuts. Unlless, you really want to be locked up in a psych ward somewhere or with many endless conversations with a doctor who is clueless that there really are blood sucking meancing vamps around.

Usually, one can find them at grave yards. My life since I was five was all about training and training me to be a slayer. I officialy don’t get the title until I turn the sweet sixteen. Lucky me. At least, I have two years before then. Or so I thought.

All my hope vanished when the new guy arrived in school. His family is extremely wealty for the live up in the old mansion that no body else could afford. His parents are supposedly in real estate. But, I have seen the homes here and most are filled or going to stay vacant. It would take tearing down and rebuilding some of the vacant homes to sell the lots. Now, unless his parents were going to adopt those homes as their new pet project they had to be making money in some other ways. Like drugs or something…

“Hey, Lise. Have you seen the new guy?!” Avery was pretty much head over heels over the new guy and it’s only his first day.

“Yeah, so what?” I didn’t care. I wasn’t looking to make buddies with a stranger. Slayers have rules.

#1 Never ever approach a stranger unless you know everything about them first. 

This is to keep from dying at the hands of a possible vamp.

Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. I am also a tech geek. The kind that wears the big black rimmed classes, with my shoulder length burnette curls. I always wear my hear up in either a bun or pony tail. I have been made fun of by guys at school for looking like a librarian. Yeah, boys are so mature…

“So, what?!” Her extreme disappointment in my joy of seeing the new guy was going to have to wait until lunch.

“Yeah, so what. Anyways, see ya at luch, Avery.”

Walking towards my computer science course, I had a bad feeling develop inside my gut. My gut was always right. So, what could possible go wrong? Little did I know it would have to do with having the new guy being assigned to partner with me. How am I ever going to live this day up with Avery? She’ll want to know everything about the new…and as it turns….so do I.

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