Book Review: Home for Christmas by Lily Everett

Home for Christmas by Lily Everett is one warm and cozy romance that readers will love. Two unlikely characters come back home to Sanctuary Island. This time it’s Christmas and each character has his and her own reason for returning.  Something in their current life has brought them back home to face what they left. Readers will find themselves lost in the hopes for what could be the one of the best Christmases ever.

Home for Christmas makes me think of snowmen and hot chocolate. Decorating a tree and making snow angels. Lily Everett has beautifully put together a story of family, new love, and tough choices. But is it really hard to make a decision when those you love are there with you? Readers will find out as they are lured deep into the very lives and heart of both a war hero and a solitaire columnist are forced out of their comfort zones. A  man who has been injured and wants back into the war zone yet has a daughter whom he just now found out exists. Owen’s afraid his daughter won’t want him and heck his childhood wasn’t perfect which leads him to guessing on how to connect his little girl. A girl just as stubborn as her father. Then there’s Libby a writer at heart. She spends her time alone writing for a food magazine until her boss signs her up for a job that leads to her spilling about all her lies. She is now left with two choices from her boss, do the job well or be fired. Libby can’t lose her job and so sets on back home where she has to help Owen and his daughter. Can these two find their Christmas miracles with each other or will both lose everything that’s dear to them? I highly recommend this heart melting and sweet romance to all. It’s hard not to connect with each of the characters. Plus, Lily Everett has masterfully woven a sense of humor into a loving tale about family, love, and new chances. Overall, I rate this novel a five out of five stars.

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