Novemeber Again

Omg…I can’t believe it’s November already! Time flies by when you’re busy. Busy year for us here, at Universal Creativity Inc.

My head feels like it’s spinning.  So many ideas, reviews, and jobs to complete it’s insane. The good kind of insane. Things here at home are definitely crazy. I wouldn’t know where to begin on that story. Maybe one day, I will turn my home life into a memoir. I could also write a humor novel for married couples. The Many Benefits of Marriage… it would be called. Anyone who has been married for 50 years or so and feel like their spouse drives them crazy would completely love this novel idea that I hope to write soon. Despite going nuts, the love never fades if they stuck together for 50 years or longer. Marriage is one of the world’s greatest wonders…

What made you fall in love with your spouse? Was it their sense of humor? Their charm? Their smile?

Can you remember that first date as though it were yesterday?

First kiss is always the charm… if you had to describe it, what three words would you use?

If you both were able to go back in time and were given the chance to change things, would your old self make the same choices or different ones? 

If any of you don’t mind sharing some of these answers, anonymously, with me that would be cool…

But, also, maybe these questions might help you write your own story. One of a couple that………

Once upon a time…there was this man….

It was yesterday about this time….when a woman stepped through the shop’s door and I knew immediately that she was the one…….

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