Book Review: Down Home Blues by Phyllis R. Dixon

Down Home Blues by Phyllis R. Dixon is an interesting novel. Readers will follow back and forth between different characters and their lives. Life is never easy and Phyllis R. Dixon carefully portrays real life issues in this well-written story. Not everyone has a happy ending or the perfect life. There are no perfect heroes coming to a woman’s aid. There are real men who treat women like pieces they own instead of a human being who deserves respect. Then, there’s a mother’s unease as her son goes off fighting a war right after Thanksgiving. New Years being spent all alone by one woman and one man. A cheating husband and a man who just got out of prison as an addict. A father who is meeting his kids and trying to be the best father he can for them. A son who doesn’t like his father and has every right to feel angry.

Readers will be brought deep into a world of reality. Some never see the ugly side of life and this novel shows what it can be like. Phyllis shows how her characters struggled and how they tried to overcome their situations. I liked how easy I could see and sense what was going on in the scenes with the characters and their families. A journey unlike any other. I do recommend this to readers and I rate Down Home Blues a four out of five stars.

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