Book Review: I Heard a Rumor by Cheris Hodges

I Heard a Rumor by Cheris Hodges is a reader’s guide into deep realistic side of being plunged into a political battle where everything can go wrong so fast. I loved how real the characters were and how they portrayed real life in a fictional way. Intriguing, hot, and a suspenseful read. I could not get enough of Cheris Hodges’ amazing novel. Readers will fall hard and fast for this writer’s talent with words. One remarkable story told in the most heated ways possible.

I Heard a Rumor by Cheris Hodges in indeed a must read. Readers will be taken into two characters’ lives. A woman lawyer whose whole life gets turned upside down, all due to a man whom she thought was the one for her. It turns out that he’s nothing but a cheating jerk who will use anyone to get his way. She looses her job in a firm and heads out for a vacation. A vacation where one very hot, sexy man does all he can to pry her open and read all her layers. But, then she does the same for him. He’s pretty much in the same boat as her. A woman he married turned out to be nothing but a blackmailing, sex ring leader. The FBI are now after her and she’s doing all she can to make her husband sink down with her. Can Cheris Hodges’ two characters find a connection with one another and find a way to fix their lives once they resurface back to their worlds?

I highly recommend reading I Heard a Rumor. It’s not only hot, sexy, and refreshing but also gives readers a sense of what real politics are like. I thinking this is one fictional read that will forever lure readers in an educational and entertaining way. Overall, I loved reading it and know everyone else will too. I rate it a five out of five stars.

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