Book Review: Lady Honor’s Debt by Maggie Anderson

Lady Honor’s Debt by Maggie Anderson is a must read for all who love a historical romances complete with balls and Dukes. A novel of how one young woman was put in danger by a man and how she had lost her father. Now, older she faces her stepfather trying to marry her off to an evil man. But, due to a friendship and help from her neighbor, Lady Honor, is safe for the time being. A woman with a plan to help her stepfather and get out of a horrible marriage arrangement seems impossible, but not if there’s a good man helping her and maybe, just maybe, falling in love with her as well.

Lady Honor’s Debt is a fascinating tale on one woman’s honorable deeds and a man who is willing to help her. But, as the troubles begin, both are pressured to take action. Can they solve Lady Honor’s money problems, her safe, and figure out what’s happening between them? Or will it be too late?

Maggie Anderson’s writing is brilliantly stunning. Her words lure readers away from this world and take them into her fictional one where suspense, action, and danger are abounding. Readers will find it hard to put the novel down once they begin reading it. Romance that takes place without it ever being intended. A rich man falls in love with a poor woman. Fate has something great in store for them both. I highly recommend readers to grab a copy and find out what happens between Lady Honor and Lord Edward Winborne. I promise that it’s hot, exciting, and the perfect romance for any day. Overall, I rate Lady Honor’s Debt a five out of five stars.

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