Book Review: Should’ve Said No by Tracy March

Should’ve Said No by Tracy March is an irresistible romance that will sweep readers off their feet and deep into the heated plot. A romance that has more secrets and fire than any other romance. This sweetly intoxicating story is definitely for fans of Robyn Carr and Lora Leigh. Tracy March has incorporated the family strength and troubles that Robyn Carr portrays and the heated sexy romance like that of Lora Leigh’s novels. Readers will be captivated just like I was.

Tracy March has wonderfully woven together a hot, fiery, and intriguing romance. Should’ve Said No is indeed the perfect read for all. Two characters come together not knowing that each one is an enemy of the other. Or, more like their families have been fighting and, yet, here they are developing a bond that neither can deny. A museum is built on land that is now causing a dispute between the two families. Lindsey not only works at this beloved museum, but also belongs to one of the fighting families while Carden is the handyman who sparks heat in her while hiding the fact that he’s a Crenshaw. Crenshaws versus Simms, but where will that leave each of their kids? Will fate finally bring the two sides together?

Should’ve Said No is definitely a read that I highly recommend to readers everywhere. Once you read this, you will want more by Tracy March. I look forward to reading more novels by this talented writer. The well-written, fully developed plot with complication hanging in the air between two characters is something one doesn’t want to miss. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.


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