Review:Monty & Me by Lousia Bennet

Monty & Me by Lousia Bennet is a funny and sweet mystery that will forever lure readers into its intriguing world. A former police dog who tried, but failed, to save his owner and almost died himself is out to find the killer. Monty survived a knife to his chest and is still on the hunt to catch his master’s murderer. But it’s hard when food distracts all thoughts and the fact that he’s no longer a police dog. Plus, Monty has a new owner and she’s in a tough spot herself. Now, there’s a another person out to help Monty and his new owner. A little mouse! Readers will fall in love with this brilliantly well-written story.

Lousia Bennet has beautifully captured the life of a dog and his loyalty to his master as well as everyday life humor. Monty is like any other dog, who tells the story of what happened and shows readers what’s happening now through his eyes. Dogs don’t understand everything, but they do understand enough to help and be there for us. A tale woven of duty, friendship, and loyalty. I could not get enough of this adorable hero, his new friend and new master. Adventure, intrigue, and a whole lot humor on every page. Mystery and animal lovers, this is for you! I loved reading Monty & Me and highly recommend it to readers everywhere. Overall, I rate it five out of five stars.

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