Author Interview: S. McPherson

S. McPherson


Interview with S.  McPherson

Me: Can you briefly tell us readers what your debut novel, At Water’s Edge, is about?

SM: At Water’s Edge tells the tale of Dezaray Storm; a 17-year-old girl from England who is mistaken for the most powerful sorceress of a distant land and one unexpected night, she is pulled through a portal leading to that realm. Dezaray is flung into a world of magic spells, empires, legends and boys; one boy in particular. As time passes, Dezaray finds herself and she finds love but she cannot stay in the mystical land of Coldivor as it is on the brink of war. For the sake of the realm, and all those that follow, she must trade places back with the real sorceress (their only hope of survival) and she must say goodbye to her darling; Milo. The trouble is, Dezaray doesn’t believe she can or that she will.

Me: Who were your hardest characters to create and which ones were your easiest?

SM: I can’t really say any of the characters were easy, each one having some attribute that I really wanted to shine through whether it be physical or emotional, and I was always aware of how what I made them do or how they did it in this book, would cement their character for the future books they appear in.
I think my hardest characters to write were Dezaray, Jude, Milo and Lexovia; more so the getting to know them and how they interact with one another and how differently each are affected by situations unfolding.

Me: What are three words you would use to describe your novel?

SM: I would say love, war and dreams sum it up quite nicely.

Me: What are your three tips that you would give to other writers?

• Invest in help from professionals e.g. cover, PR, etc.
• Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite.
• Never give up.

Me: What are your future plans for novels, if any, that you can share with us readers?

SM: I am currently working on the second work in the Water Rushes series. Once the entire series is completed, *sniff* I have plans for another YA Fantasy series centred around growing up.

Me: Where can readers connect with you and find your work online?

SM: I am always happy to connect with readers and can be found below:

Book link:

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