Review: Just Married Again by Charlotte Hughes

Just Married Again by Charlotte Hughes is definitely a novel for all couples. A tale, beautifully written, that shows how bad a marriage can end up and how we can make it right, if we try hard enough.  A funny, sweet and enticing novel that will keep readers hooked until the end. Charlotte Hughes has brilliantly brought together a story of how one man was too busy to make  time for his wife. Of course, there are times he never once understood the pain she went through as she gave birth to their child and lost it. Now, his wife wants a divorce and health is worsening because he can’t stand to lose her… Can a doctor help his patient and his patient’s wife reconnect at their cabin during a winter storm or will their marriage end up worse? A man and his wife, plus his runaway nephew and two dachshunds make for an interesting read. Readers will laugh out loud, cry, and fall in love with Charlotte Hughes’ stunningly romantic comedy. I loved reading every page and look forward to more by this talented writer. Her words come to life and leave you with a need to read more. Overall, I highly recommend reading Just Married Again and rate it five out of five stars.

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