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Once upon a time, there once lived two friends. Simone Sauveterre, the blind, elderly and kind owner of a unique antique store in Peoria…and the beautiful but vain Tassina D’Emerald, an artist from New Orleans. But something unpleasant happened between them in 1976, and they haven’t spoken since.

With a little black magic and an unwitting young girl, Tassina plans to resolve their secret grudge once and for all…no matter what the cost.

But standing in the way of her agenda is a recently deceased occultist, a college professor, a greedy mob boss, a kooky blonde hippie, ghosts, mages, vampires, angels…and a very angry demon who isn’t happy at all with what’s going on.

Welcome to the Curiosity Shoppe, where nearly everything can be found, bought or sold. Just make sure you read the fine print!

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

Mama Sauveterre’s Curiosity Shoppe by John Yeo Jr. is the most interesting paranormal story I have read. The most selfish character one can think of slims in comparison to Tassina D’Emerald. Her life was fine until she jumped deep into a world unlike any other. Black magic is to be feared and once you mess with it, everything changes for the worst. Tassina D’Emerald soon experiences just how wrong it can go, when what she wanted is nothing like what she sees. Tassina was warned but she didn’t care. Decades of love and work have bene undone all by Tassina’s greed. The ending was a perfect end to it all. Characters of all kinds  can be found in this suspensful novel. Danger, action, and many lessons can be found inside this complex story. Readers will be dragged in from page one and won’t be released until the very end. I highly recommend this unique read to all. John Yeo Jr. definitely has a way of luring readers to his work. I look forward to reading his next masterpiece.


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