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Mya Bedford’s hopes for a normal life, free from the hustle, seem more distant than ever when her best friend’s fiancé is shot, Mya’s husband is thrown back into the game, and a ruthless new crew hits the streets of Detroit. But there’s one bright spot: Mya’s father, Lester, has suddenly been released from prison. It seem like love is even blossoming again between Mya’s parents…

Mya can’t undo the past, but she can do her best to help her dad get his future back on track. The trouble is, the streets don’t forget, and the worst is yet to come. Soon Mya’s world is shattered in the bloody crossfire of someone else’s payback. Now, through the most bitter of tears, it’s time for her sweetest revenge…

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

Her Sweetest Revenge is the most enticing read yet by Saundra. Inside her third novel, readers will be hooked on the crazy drama world unfolding before them. Things never go they way we want them to, instead fate brings us a whole lot of trouble. Speaking of trouble, Saunder’s main character, Myra Bedford, goes through on hell of a rollercoaster ride. One ride no of us want to go through and yet Myra is pulled deep into it. One person shot, a husband, and a father back from being locked up sends a lot for one woman to handlle. But can Myra handle all that has been dished onto her plate or will her sweetest revenge go wrong? Definitely an intriguing read that readers will love. I highly recommend Saunder’s latest masterpiece, Her Sweetest Revenge.

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