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From bestselling author Kate Douglas comes the first book in a sensational new series set in California wine country-a place where love is always intoxicating. . .


They call her Kaz. She’s a gorgeous model with a good head for business-until now, at least. Kaz has just been fired from her latest photo shoot for having the wrong tattoo in the wrong place at the wrong time. But a chance encounter with photographer Jake Lowell could make everything right again…if Kaz is willing to accept his proposition. What does she have to lose?

Jake has been searching for the perfect model to pose for a body-jewelry shoot-one that will leave no room for modesty. Is Kaz, who is nothing if not professional, ready to bare it all for a man she is not sure she can trust? It’s an offer that’s too good to refuse…and as Kaz finds herself growing more comfortable with Jake, the attraction between them reaches arousing new heights. But while the artist and his subject learn more about each other in the intimacy of wine country, evil lurks in the shadows-and soon it becomes clear that someone else has designs on them

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review: 

Intimate by Kate Douglas was my first read by this talented writer. It doesn’t suprise me, that she’s a bestseller. Her words are enchanting and the chemitry is like fire that ripples through you right from the pages themselves. The words will leave readers blushing. Intimate is exactly what goes on between the characters. They hardly know one another, yet they get to know each other very intimately. Jake is the male that knows what he wants and will have nothing but Kaz as his. Something raw and completely powerful lures him to a former model who is now needing a way to make it through life and Jake offers her that. But something much deeper connects them both and before they know it danger is lurking around the corner. I loved reading this brilliant suspensful story and it heat will keep you up all night long. Intimate is indeed one of the best romances I have read. Overall, I highly recommend her novel to readers everywhere, and I look foward to the next exciting adventure from Kate Douglas.

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