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Emmaline Grey spends her days with her beloved dog, dreaming of the sea-until a brawling Highlander shatters her quiet life to pieces. Though her blindness prevents her from seeing his face, his voice is a warm blend of velvet and silk, and his rakehell ways unmistakable. Risking the wrath of a rival clan as she nurses him back to health, Emma soon realizes the real danger is the magnetic pull she feels to this half-naked Scot recovering in her bed.


With his rugged handsomeness and wicked charm, Malcolm Grant wants nothing more out of life than whisky, women, and the occasional war. The only lass he’s ever trusted left him with more scars than a battlefield. Yet now at the mercy of this sweet stranger, Malcolm can barely resist the gentle hands that make him feverish with desire-until Emma, the one he will never have, is the only woman he wants . . .

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

The Taming of Macolm Grant is an exciting hot new read by Paula Quinn. Her words will lure readers in from the beginning and keep them hooked until the end. I found her novel unique, in that it protrayed a woman, who was blind.  Not too mnay authors protray women or men from different walks of life. I loved following her strong female character as the plot washed over me and took me hostage. Emma may be bllind but her personality and charm is one that will tug at readers’ hearts. Nothing even blindness can stand in her way of love. A love that develops after she takes care of one very fine specimen of a man. She soon opens his heart to her and readers will find the heat intoxicating. Paula Quinn has won me over as her lastest new fan. I enjoyed reading her novel, The Taming of Malcolm Grant,  and I look forward to reading more by her in the future. Completely inresistible characters, an adventureous yet suspenseful plot that readers won’t be able to put down. Overall, I highly recommend this Highlander romance to all.

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