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Mary Elizabeth Grange, also known as Beth to her friends, is little more than a child when she is noticed. Her lanky, developing body and her childlike ways do nothing to dissuade his hungry eyes and his needy imagination. She glides through life happily but to him she becomes everything. Every flip of her long curly ebony hair, every smile, every gesture speaks to him as he quietly moves in the shadows.

His small, inconsequential world narrows even further. Real life recedes and fantasy, like a blazing fire, consumes him. Then their worlds collide, in one brutal and obscene act, as he brazenly flings reality aside and allows the delusions to totally devour him. Her world destroyed, Beth must fight for her very sanity.

Then at the farthest end of her nightmare and many miles away, happiness and love are finally within her reach. Much to her bemusement, she starts to receive flowers from a secret admirer. Things start to take on a darker tone and she senses anything but affection from the gifts being left to her. But how can this be related in anyway to the vicious serial killer in her home state, who is killing women that look so much like her? The answers will only be attained, if she dares to fight the biggest battle of her life.

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

J.M. Brown’s debut novel, Pretty Maidens All In A Row, is stunning. Readers will be left will chill down their spines and the danger is worse than one can image. This novel is definitely for a mature audience and for fans of CSI. Suspense hangs  like a thick blanket on every page. Readers will be clueless just like Mary Elizabeth Grange (aka Beth), until the secret admirer shows himself. A serial killer on the loose and a dangereous admirer, who could or could not be the killer. Mary had a great life and now, she lives in fear constantly. A tourment that she wishes would end so she could move on with her life.  Readers will find themseves drawn deep into this thriller and feel fear and death at every corner. Pretty Maidens All In A Row, is a dark and frighteing story. Readers will constantly be on their toes. I highly recommend reading this during the day time. The aftermath of reading this, will leave you feeling spooked. A gripping edge of your seat masterpiece written by J.M. Brown. I loved it and look forward to her next chilling piece. Overall, I highly recommend this novel to readers everywhere.


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