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What if, by the passing of just two events, Japan and Germany had won World War 2?

The Goddess of Fortune is a work of speculative fiction in which alternate history is explored, and consequences examined.

  • Beautiful Louise, while only 24 years old, uses her intelligence, wiles, and body to dominate the so-called “stronger sex.”
  • Kaito Sasaki of the Bank of Tokyo, inspired by Lenin (“The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency”), proves just that with his printing of U.S. 100 dollar bills.
  • The treachery of Hermann “Fatso” Goering is uncovered and his punishment is swift.
  • The duplicity of Roosevelt and his so-called Brains Trust is exposed and the doubts of the urbane gentleman, Henry Morgenthau, are made clear.

As a work of historical fiction, Goddess reveals the private foibles, quirks, and lusts of the famous (and often rich) of the period. How could the end goals of the Axis come to fruition given these events?

Goddess explores just how, and in doing so brings to light in imaginative prose the lives of historical figures we have only known from our history books.

Prepare to reimagine history, get The Goddess of Fortune today.

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

The Goddess of Fortune by Andrew Blencowe is definitely a must-read for all, especially those who are history buffs. A plot unike any other before it. Taking historical figures, places, and using his magical pen, Blencowe has created an interesting alternate universe of World War II. Every page will intrigue readers further into his brilliantly well-written world of fiction. The characters are so realistic that they will drag readers deep into the story. A novel that will keep readers turning the pages. I felt myself molded to the book in my hands. The Goddess of Fortune is indeed the most addictive read yet.

Inside of The Goddess of Fortune, Blencowe takes readers deep into exploring an element of fiction that makes this a stunning read. The what-if element that explores what would have happened if Japan and Germany had won World War II. Each of the characters are placed into specific roles and places that would have changed everything. Blencowe’s writing takes readers during the 1940s, leaving them in suspense as they follow the plot further. I would highly recommend this novel to all. History is my favorite to explore, and to combine it with one talented individual’s words, will leave readers with a fascinating read. Whereas anything with history would make for a dull read, the opposite can be said with Blencowe’s novel, The Goddess of Fortune.

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  1. If crazy man hitler was not calling the shots for his army, people like tanks commander Rommell could have won the war. See father and son writers, Jeff and Michael Shaara for great historical fiction on WWII and many other wars.


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