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Nine years ago, Neve McKay fled her small Southern town and disapproving family to seek a career in the big city. Now she’s finally coming home-and hoping for a fresh start. But the relationship that shattered her world still haunts her. And even among her nearest and dearest, she doesn’t feel safe. . .

Ian Campbell is a pure Scottish muscle-as hard and handsome as they come. But when Neve walks into his bar, his heart melts. . .and he vows to have this gorgeous and somewhat vulnerable woman in his life-for better or for worse. What is Neve’s tragic secret? And how can Neve expect Ian to protect her, when doing so could put his own life at risk? The only thing Ian knows for sure is that he will do whatever it takes to keep her out of harm’s way-and in his loving arms. Headed for Troubleby Shiloh Walker.

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

Shiloh Walker is a talented writer bringing readers a novel that they can really connect with on every level. Headed for Trouble is a must read. We all have been there in one point of our lives, where we make big decisions that can affect our whole future. Most times these decisions leave or lead us back home, where we once started out. This is where readers will find Neve McKay. Neve sets herself up for trouble the moment she’s back home.She left home for a job and is now back. Readers will be intrigued as to why she doesn’t connect immediately with her family, when she first arrives. It’s funny how news gets around, when you’re not ready to annouce it yourself. That, is where Neve is left. The announcement that she’s back makes its rounds and her family hears of it. They wonder why she hasn’t come to them first but soon all that unfolds, in this magnificent plot. A story that will both entice and lure readers every time. Also, there’s romance in the air. First night back home, and Neve falls hard for the pub guy, who happens to own the pub. He immediately wants her the first time he lays on eyes on her as she walks through his pub. Something greater than fate, is pulling them into each other. Readers will love these realistic, funny, sweet and charming characters. Unforgettable scenes that will keep readers turning the pages. Overall, I loved it and I highly recommend this to all. Headed for Trouble the perfect romantic read.

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