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This coming January, we will be hosting several events.

One event is a Science Fiction Fantasy Writing Contest.

This contest will consist of three rounds. Round 1 will begin on January 4th. All writers will be required to write 2,500 words of fiction relating to the topic we give out. Writers will have 6 days to write and submit. Judges will then choose the top 5 to make it to round 2.

Round 2 will begin on January 12th and last until February 15th.

Round 2 will consists of writers submitting a 2,000 word piece of fiction on the new given topic. Writers will have 3 days to write and submit their 2,000 word piece. Judges will then choose the top 2.

Round 3 will being on January 18th.

Round 3 will consist of writers submitting a 1,500 word piece of fiction, using the new topic given to them. They will have 24 hours to submit their writing piece, in to be judged. After 24 hours, judges will then choose the winner.

Writers that make it to round 2, will receive a blue digital seal for the best 2,500 word fiction story.

Writers that make it to round 3, will receive a green digital seal for the best 2,000 word fiction story.

Winner of the third round, will receive a yellow digital seal for the best 1,500 word fiction story and a red digital seal for Science Fiction Fantasy Writer’s Contest Winner.

All writers will receive a rating and critique of their work. Plus, all work from each round will be featured, inside the Urban Literary Magazine Issue. All rights from each author’s work will belong to them and be kept by the author. We ask for permission to showcase your work in our literary magazine. By registering into the contest, you have given us the right to showcase your work for one time in our literary magazine issue.

To enter into the Science Fiction Fantasy Writing Contest, writers must enter by filling out the form below. Once we receive your entry, we will send you an invoice for the entry fee. Entry fee will be $5.00.

All writing must be related to the topics given to contestants. Topics will be posted on here and emailed to contestants.

Enter in here: 



Next event, held for January will be the announcement of winners from the Best Fiction Awards. This will be announced on January 11th.


We will also be hosting an editing special. This special is where authors will have until January 3oth to sign up to have their manuscripts edited for only $30.00.

Please, email us at:







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