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Zanta Claus is a hilariously funny, fresh story guaranteed to brighten your holiday season. David Kringle, Santa’s brother, realizes his destiny is to start his own fairy tale, Zanta Claus, which starts where his brother’s ends. The new fairy tale is an extension of the family business, but is different in every way! David is a slender, handsome man with a quick wit and a certain charisma with the ladies. He is hopeful he will find the one, even after searching for over a thousand years! David had found a niche in life as an author, writing about the family business with titles such as “Elves Gone Wild”, “One Reindeer You Don’t Want to Pet”, and others. Despite these less than flattering views of the North Pole, Kris and Claire support David in all his endeavors – that doesn’t mean there isn’t restitution! The Council of Fairy Tales approves the Zanta Claus charter for a one-year provisional trial. The race is on to prove the new South Pole fairy tale can make a difference in the world. The success of Zanta Claus relies on the edgy elves appointed by the Elf Union, a rookie reindeer team and their strict trainer, an inexperienced head elf, a cantankerous plant foreman and the rest of a colorful, hilarious cast of characters. Their journey is sure to become part of your holiday season for years to come.

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

Zanta Claus, is a funny yet sweet novel for adults. D.C. Little has stunningly created a story that adults will fall in love with over and over again. Santa’s younger brother, David Kringle, writers bestselling novels that don’t feature certain people that well. Especially, the one elf that comes to pick him up every year. The sleigh ride back home, to the North Pole, is anything but fun for David.  An elf with anger is one to beware of and a lesson to be learned. Soon reader’s find out that David wants to go into the same business as his older brother. Except he wants to target all the non-believers. A hard job that requires a lot of work and patience. Learning the ropes isn’t easy but maybe there’s hope for success and maybe more. David is not only discovering what he wants to do but also, searching for something from his heart. Readers will have to read on, to find out what David finds and how he handles his new project. D.C. Little’s novel is everything readers will want in a Christmas story plus, more. Hope, humor,  family and most of all love can be found, in this heart warming read. Overall, I highly recommend Zanta Claus to all.

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