Adventure of Reading




Reading a piece of fiction or non-fiction, is always a new adventure. No matter what the topic, readers are taken deep into the book they are reading. The author’s words come alive and take us into the writer’s point of view or the character’s point of view.

It’s quite fascinating how, characters can make you feel their emotions, hear their thoughts and see everything around them. An author’s writing isn’t just black words on a page, for me it’s a whole universe opened up and swallowed me whole.

I can’t remember the title but I do remember reading one non-fiction piece. Inside, I was taken back to the writer’s moments as a lawyer. I could feel his emotions weighing over him as he struggled, with the decision, to sit or stand. His pants ended up ripping on him, during his first court case. As a rule, lawyers stand when making their case; however, this man couldn’t without exposing his indecent behind…

The lawyer was afraid of losing his first court case due to his issue…but he took the risk and remained sitting so as to not expose his ripped pants to others. I felt sympathy and I felt like cheering him on, after his victory. Non-fiction may be entirely different from fiction but still holds an adventure and suspsene like that of fiction. In non-fiction we never know what will happen, because it’s real life protrayed on pages. Whereas, in fiction, we are held in suspense due to so many possibilities and what-ifs that could occur on rest of the pages.

Reading is an adventure whether it’s fiction or non-fiction. When you hold a book, know that it takes you somewhere else other then, where you are currently. Think of reading adventures like, that of a rollercoaster ride. If you don’ experience any ups or downs or stops along the way, you definitely are not focused on the read at hand.

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