The Best Book

The best book of all is the Bible.  I know there are many who will argue on the facts of whether the stories inside are true or not. But, even if they were to not be true, who can say that the Bible doesn’t teach us good things? It does.

It teaches us how to better ourselves. We need to be more forgivening, nicer towards others, and love one another.

Teaches us not to hate, kill, or steal. Also, teaches us not to be jealous or greedy.

It teaches us to believe in the better good for all. Including ourselves and those around us.

Patience…the toughest lesson inside the Bible. Yet, it’s the most important one.

We want or need things when we want or need them. We can’t sit idlely and wait until the good Lord decides that we are indeed ready for whatever it is we are waiting for. Whether it’s for a job, a child, or for healing. The Bible teaches us in lessons and in stories that demonstrate what sins can do to us and others.

It also, shows us what happens, when one believes fully and is patient even when we don’t want to be patient.

I love the Bible. I enjoy all the stories inside this incredible book. Because it is good. You can’t deny a good book that gives you good things.

I may not be able to cite from the Bible, but I do like reading what’s inside. Answers can be found. Similar troubles like mine could be found within and answers on how to move on from my torubles is also, taught to me.

So, if the Bible isn’t the greatest book of all then, what is? I can’t think of a better book then this.


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