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How many faux engagements can one girl have?

Hilary learns the hard way more than you can imagine. She has no idea what to do. She’s been dating perfect on paper, Marc, for years. He’s everything she wants in a man except for one thing. He’s beyond afraid of commitment! Tired of waiting for Marc to come to his senses, the couple’s friends decide to take matters into their own hands and throw a surprise “engagement” party. Only problem is their meddling has unforeseen consequences…

In this real life chick lit story, Hilary Grossman digs deep as she explores the good, the bad, and the frustrating of dating. Dangled Carat is the perfect light hearted, funny, and relatable story for every girl who wondered if she should love him or dump him. Chick lit readers will be hooked!

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review: 

Dangled Carat by Hilary Grossman is one sensational read. Readers everywhere will be pulled in like a moth to a flame. This funny and romantic story will lead readers on a journey. A journey that takes them deep into the lives of one very interesting couple. Women know men delay when it comes to full committment, but then imagine the struggles for the man who is afraid of committment. His girlfriend fights with the emotions and the hardships with being attached to a man who needs time to take on the full committment train ride. Unlike most men, the one who fears it the most, shows his love and care the most to his woman. Then there’s how fast they both connected with one another. Talking and just beiing together is easy, but like every other woman, Hilary wants the next level to happen. The suspense of that ever happening makes this the most exciting novel yet. Hilary Grossman has the talentin taking her readers striaght from their seats and deep into the heart of her fictional world. Fiction with the most realistics issues any couple faces all beautifully woven into a hilarious and sweet read.

Dangled Carat is a story of how one woman meets a man who instantly becomes her boyfriend. Their connection is strong enough to drag readers right onto the pages. All it took was a sister-in-law to ask a question and then later meeting up again. This time the new going to be soon couple meet. Talking comes easy and soon others around them notice their attraction. Family wants them together and as time pushes on, they try to push the couple forward into a happily ever after beginning. However, the man is afraid to accept right into a committed relationship. His girlfirend understands and tries to be patient. Soon her patience wears down and emotions are flying across everywhere. Yet, despite it all, her man is always there for her and always cares. Is he the one for her or is she wasting her time with a man who may never be able to committ? Overall, I highly recommend this romance to readers everywhere. The conflicts are easy to relate to and the characters will leave readers laughing and crying throughout the novel. I definitely look forward to reading more by Hilary Grossman in the futre.



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