Science Fiction Fantasy Contest

Science Fiction/ Fantasy Writing Competition will begin on January 4th.
All participants must enter in by January 3rd and pay the $5.00 entry fee.
January 4th begins the first round of writing by participants. All participants will be required to write a 2,500 word story and will have 6 days to write and submit it in to be judged.
Judges will then rate and critique each writing sample. The top 5 from this round will make it to round 2.
Round 2 begins on January 12th. A new topic will be given to the participants and each writer will have 3 days to write and submit a 2,000 word story.
Judges will then choose the top 3 candidates to make it to round 3.
Round 3 will begin on January 18th. All participants will have 24 hours to write a new story given on the new topic given.
Judges will then choose the final winner on January 19th.
All participants will receive a digital seal for each level that they made it to as well as a rating and critique on their writing pieces. All writing samples will be featured one time in our magazine issue.
To enter into the contest, sign up below by filling out the form. We will send a confirmation email and an invoice for the entry fee.

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