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A scientist creates a time machine and precipitates the Ultimate Disaster.
Two boys enter a county fair and encounter the world’s greatest juggler, who has a secret that’s both wonderful and double-edged.
A man kills and forgets–utterly–that his victims ever existed; a nurse tries to help and uncovers a shocking secret.
Of what use is a planet with a 20,000-year lifespan? And why would it be a locus for murder?
A couple is stranded in their Colorado cottage by an antagonized creature that they can’t see, and it’s getting bolder and smarter as the hours go by.

The Dinosaur Chronicles contains 14 long and short tales of science fiction and fantasy in the classic style; they run the gamut from the thoughtful to the witty to the poignant. Tales of adventure and tales of discovery teem with characters that are everyday, one-in-a-million and from beyond the edge of reality. Let the stories from this collection take you to places strange, wonderful and–sometimes–downright scary.

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

Dinosaur Chronicles by Joseph M. Erhardt is indeed full of unique places that we could never imagine. Like the possibility of time machines working and humans meeting with aliens.  This is a collection of the most exciting reads I have seen. Each story differs but still lures readers deep into its own plot. The characters in each story are so different from one another, that readers will be amazed at Joseph M. Erhardt’s talent as a writer.  Fear, suspense, and well-written stories await on every page of this incredible collection. Dinosaur Chronicles is definitely a must read for all. The first page will drag you deep and deeper into the stunning pieces. Be prepared to taste adventure first hand by Joseph M. Erhardt. Overall, I highly recommend to read to readers world wide.


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