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During the record-smashing hurricane season of 2005, a deadly game of cat and mouse unfolds and a stormy love affair is complicated by polarized politics, high-strung Southern families, a full-on media circus, and the worst disaster management goat screw in US history.

As Hurricane Katrina howls toward the ill-prepared city of New Orleans, Dr. Corbin Thibodeaux, a Gulf Coast climatologist and storm risk specialist, preaches the gospel of evacuation, weighed down by the fresh public memory of a spectacularly false alarm a year earlier. Meanwhile, Shay Hoovestahl, a puff piece reporter for the local news, stumbles on the story of a con artist who uses storm-related chaos as cover for identity theft and murder. Laying a trap to expose the killer, Shay drags Corbin into her agenda, which goes horribly awry as the city’s infrastructure crumbles.

The Hurricane Lover is a fast-paced tale of two cities, two families, and two desperate people seeking shelter from the storm.

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

The Hurricane Lover by Joni Rodgers will perk readers’interest from the first page until the last. The suspense of what’s happening builds up with every page. Readers will be drawn into each character’s life as the story unfolds. Joni Rodgers definitely knows how to create an educational, realistic, yet thrilling read. Readers will get a weather education,  while experiencing hands-on the adventure and culture of this stunningly well-written plot. I could not believe all the research, that went into this novel and how perfect it came out. I could feel the sense of danger, the fear and the determination of both Dr. Corbin and Shay. Plus, the excitiment of chasing after a killer will leave readers with goosebumps.

The Hurricane Lover, is a fictional thriller that gives readers a real glimpse into the life of people, who live in areas, where hurricanes hit. We see how the community works to prepare for such natural disaster and how stubborn many are about not leaving their homes. Even, if it means keeping them alive. Joni Rodgers has magnificently given readers a taste of the culture, ethincity, and language of the characters. I found it remarkable and intriguing. It was like I got a trip to go to the place within the novel and experience it all in person rather than from the pages. The Hurricane Lover is a thriller and a story about survival. Will the killer be caught and most importantly will the main protagonists survive? Overall, I highly recommend reading this novel. I look forward to reading more by Joni Rodgers, in the future.

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