January Reminders!


Hello everyone! Welcome to 2016 here, at Universal Creativity Inc. This is just to remind about some of the events coming up this month.

Yes, that’s right we got new and exciting events that you do not want to miss! What are these events, you ask me…

These events include a whole month of low cost editing, proofreading and express book reviews (paid reviews).

All editing is now and shall remain only $30.00 all the way until the end of January. That’s right! You need editing, and we need to raise money for a student’s college tuition. Proofreading prices will only be $15.00.

This particular student has graduated in one year with honors with her Associate of Arts degree. Then she has gone on to honors at a new university where she will be graduating with her Bachelor’s degree in Pre-law and Economics. But she needs help in raising funds to pay her tuition. 

She has done a fundraiser where people can donate, but she still needs a major hand. That’s why we are offering editing and proofreading prices so low this month. 

Please, consider in taking up our offer of low editing and proofreading prices before the end of January and all money raised will go towards that law student’s tuition. She’s needing $2,500. 

We may not be able to help her raise all of the money, but if whatever we can raise for her will be a major help. If you would like to donate, to help this student please, let us know.

Email us, at: universalcreativityinc.2014@gmail.com.

We all thank you in advance for your support. 

Next, we will be announcing the winners from the Best Fiction Awards Contest.  This is where all participants are just humming with what the results will be. Announcements and emails will be sent out on Monday January 11th.

Beginning January 4th, we will begin the SciFi Fiction Fantasy Writing  Contest. If interested, please email: urbanliteraryagency@gmail.com.

The contest will consist of three rounds of writing by all participants. All participants will be given the same topic and be required to write a short story in 2,500 words within 6 days. Judges will then choose the top 5 participants to make it to the 2nd round of writing.

A new writing topic will be given to the participants and they will have only 3 days to submit a short story. The short story will need to consist of 2,000 words. Judges will then choose the top 3 participants to make it to round 3.

Again, a new topic will be given. All 3 participants will have only 24 hours to write a 1,500 word story. Judges will then choose the winner.

All participants will receive a digital badge for each round they have made it too. They will all receive a rating and a critique of their writing pieces. Plus, all pieces will be featured one time in our magazine.

The winner will receive a winning digital seal in addition to what all other participants have received.

Entry fee: $5.00

Deadline to enter: January 3, 2016.

Enter in by filling out the form on page: SciFi Fantasy Contest.

January 2016 Issue will be featuring Science Fiction Fantasy authors. 

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