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She left the plain life because it was too restrictive, but Mr. Rock and Roll All Night And Party Every Day might be too freeing for her.

Rachel left the cage of her simple life behind to do costuming off-Broadway and when that ended she got another job doing wardrobe for the band SendDown where she meets Gian.

Gian wants Rachel now and forever from the minute he meets her. She’s hot, amazing and completely kinky. But can she handle the cage door being open? If not, can he handle letting her go for her own good?

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

Christa Maurice’s latest romance novel, A Gift to be Simple, is definitely a must read. Inside this well-written story, readers will find the life that a woman left behind to start another new one. From the good Christain lifestyle to a much more exciting and exotic one, the female protagonist has a lot to discover and weigh in. A life completely different from what’s she use to and then balancing a love that might be her undoing. Christa Maurice has done it again, in this hot new rocker band novel. I have read many of her romance pieces and this one is by far the best yet. Readers will not only be dragged in but dazzled by the heartmelting story. A story that is packed with heat and an intensity that will leave our leading female caracter questioning if this was really for her after all.

A Gift to be Simple, is a beautifully told romance. One that shows readers how one Amish woman left behind her simple way of life for the city.  Her she works her butt off and leaves readers in awe over her determination to make it in the real world. A world that can be fast, harsh, and dangerous. Soon, Rachel will land a job that leads her on a wild adventure. One that invloves a hot sexy rocker, Gian. Gian instantly takes to Rachel. He is completely opposite of everything her former life was and leaves her insides all a mess. Gian is man that will make any woman succumb to his ways and leave feeling hot every day. Can Gian give Rachel eerything she needs plus the things she never thought she would have or will Rachel be too frightened to take on the full chemistry? I absolutely loved reading this masterpiece by Christa Maurice. Her characters are always well-developed and her plots are always a believable journey that excites all. Overall, I highly recommend A Gift to be Simple to readers everywhere.


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