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All Sam wants is to serve out his time as a guardian angel so that he can return as a human. But his sentence becomes more complicated when he finds himself falling in love with Angeline, his current assignment.

The rules of angels specify that he may not interfere with the course of her life, which naturally includes her dating choices. When Angeline begins surf lessons at the same beach where Sam is assigned to work as a lifeguard, a connection forms between them and the rules of angels collide with the laws of attraction.

Sam finds it even harder to keep his distance when he discovers Angeline’s surf instructor hides a dangerous secret. With Angeline’s life in jeopardy, the lines between his role as a lifeguard and that of guardian angel become blurred.

Sam’s choices will redefine his role as a guardian angel to Angeline and force him to contemplate what will become of their love if he is sent away. Whether they find their way back to each other is a question written in the heavens.

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

Malibu Angel by Mia Fox is the first novel that I have read by her. This story caught my attention immediately. I love anything that has romance and a little bit of the supernatural. Unlike a majority of supernatual and paranormal novels, this one features guradian angels. The good kind of angels that watch out for us no matter what. But Mia Fox has beautifully woven several exciting twists and leaves readers wondering what will happen. The suspense of the guradian angel’s assignment and the danger that looms right around this assignment creates for an edge of your seat read. Brilliantly spun together is the danger, suspense, and romance. A romance that is highly forbidden and one that make a potent lure for readers everywere.

Mia Fox’s romantic suspense is a must read. A male guardian angel is given his toughest assignment yet. He has to protect a human woman. One that instantly attract him more than he likes. He needs to control his attraction for the human woman and protect her from harm that is just around the corner. There are so many what-ifs inside this suspenseful read that readers will be holding their breathe wondering what happens to the attraction between the angel and the human woman as well as what happens if he lets his desires be known for her. I loved reading this hot romantic novel. Mia Fox knows exactly what readers need and delivers just that plus more. Malibu Angel is the most intoxicating hot read that I have read yet. Readers will find their pulse speeding as the manificent plot unfolds. Readers get ready to head to the beach where duty, desire and laws are about to become blurred and heated. Overall, I highly recommend this romance to readers world wide.

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