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Instead of a shoe… a kitten!

 Chad Anders doesn’t know why mousy Cynthia Henley trips all over her tongue when she’s around him. Nor does he understand his undeniable attraction to this good girl. Wild and sexy is his type, like the dream-girl he caught a glimpse of years earlier he’s never forgotten.

Cynthia’s superpower is invisibility, especially with men. It’s better for everyone that way. Besides, she’s got a cat. She’s okay. But when playboy-rancher Chad hires her, she’s got a chance to shine. Professionally, at least. Until she learns of his fascination with a mysterious dream-girl, who was actually nothing more than a shy teenager on an ill-advised dare all those years ago. Cynthia knows she’s no man’s dream-girl and never will be.

But there’s magic at the ball. Princesses glow in the starlight, princes appear out of nowhere, and, sometimes, they look a lot like cowboys…

My Rating: 5 stars
My Review:
Cinderella’s Cowboy is an original yet realistic twist on the all time favorite story. A small-town contemporary romance, that will leave all inspired. Cowboys are hot in the romance genre, and Roxanne Snopek definitely knows how to bring her readers a real and romantic tale. One that will tug at their hearts and leave them waiting for the next great masterpiece. There’s always an adventure when one’s heart is put on the line. Here, we see how one’s dreams are nothing like what one’s heart really desires. A tough woman, who believe’s she’s invisible, when it comes to men and yet…somehow, she is capable of roping in a man without him even realizing it. They both both don’t realize what they want is much more difficult, when what they need is right there in front of them.
Roxanne Snopek has beautifully created a heart warming romance that all will love. Her characters are like a contradiction to themselves. Cythnia thinks no man can see her as a woman, yet one particular cowboy does see her and is left pondering about her a lot. Then there’s Chad, who sees himself with a hot wild woman, yet there’s a good girl right in front of him and he is feeling…a tug towards her. Maybe it’s her personality that attracts him to her like a moth to a flame or maybe it’s just the way she reacts around him. Cythina is similar to Cinderella in the way, that she works all the time. That and she was the plain looking sister, who might just snatch herself a hot man after all. A woman can dream. Cinderella’s Cowboy is a modern western tale, that readers can easily connect with and are left wondering as to what will happen between a notorious playboy and a good girl. Overall, I highly recommend this enchanting romance to all.

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