Say Cheese!

“Say cheese!” My father yelled as he snapped a photo of my mother, sister, and I.

“Cheese!” We said in unison.

Smiling, I thought it’s going to be a great day. That was until my mother fell down on the soft grass.



My father and I rushed to my mother’s aide. Then, my father was shot. So, was mother. Dad looked at me. “Take your sister and run. Now!”

Not knowing what to do, I grabbed my 4-year old sister and ran as fast as our little feet took us. Turning back, I saw our father being shot again. Fear was pulsing within me. My sister was crying. Picking her up, I ran further and further away.

I don’t why or who would have wanted to kill my parents. But now, I will find their killer.

Ten years later…

“Meg, you cannot go out tonight!” My step father was firm.

“I want to and am going to.” I firmly spoke back.

Inside, I was shaking.  Tomorrow, we were going to a family photography place. Even after, I explained my fear of having photo taken. They never understood. Or was that just the rebellious teenage temper boiling within me? I don’t know. Our argument never finished.

“Frank, bring Meg with you. The police are here.” My stepmom, Karen informed us.

Puzzled we both went down immediately. It was the same police who found my older sister and I that horrible day ten years ago.  Did they find who killed my parents? Was the truth finally coming out?

“Meg, we know this is going to be hard…”

“Did you find my parents killers?”

The police officer looked at his female partner and then back at my step parents before looking back at me.


“Then why are you here? Shouldn’t you be continuing your search?” I half shouted back.

“Meg, they are here …”

“We are here, to inform you that someone tried to kill your older sister. We don’t know who or why, but we think that they did so, because they think she might have seen them.”

“Where is she now? Is she…hurt badly? Can I see her now?”

“No, you can’t see her. We have taken her to an unknow designation and she’s not in tight secruity and safe. We are also, going to put more undercover protection on you from now on just to make sure you are also not a target of theirs.”

I didn’t know what to say…my sister was attacked. We lost our parents and now, I almost lost here because she may have recognized the killers…

“I am sorry.”

“Find the killers, and then I will believe you!” I ran upstairs to my room, slamming the door behind me.





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