“Dare Me.”

“Dare me.” I say looking around at my accusers. Not one of them wanted to “dare me” to do what they accused me of me doing.  Honestly, they were hypocrites. The whole lot of them. How do I survive to be around these idiots?

No one moved. They only shifted slightly in their stance. Their eyes carrying off a different message. One of fear. They feared me? As if. But the power of it held a promise. One that I was going to put to use. Fear is a great tool to use in getting what you want. And…they were full of it. Now that I see it, there was no way I would ever let this day pass. At least not without getting my revenge.

They wanted me to suffer for something I didn’t do. How would they fare, if the cards flipped and they were the ones in trouble? The thoughts of revenge brought on a warmth to my poorly dressed body. They wanted trouble…they will get it. Soon…they will get a taste of what it’s like.


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