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Sex Tells dives into the world of sex. What it does to relationships, religion, and even the mind of the individual. This book is semi-autobiographical and will definitely leave the reader wanting to read the sequel. This book will change your life.

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

Sex Tells in definitely an eye opener especially for the main protagonist, Ice. Inside of this very bold book, readers are instantly taken on the sexual yet lustful path that one man takes. He’s desires and fantasies with the beautiful women around him, cause him to want sex more. This and the combination of hot sex with these women, spikes his wanting or carnal need for more sex. Ice is a single man and  one of the women he has these sex flings with is married, but then something comes knocking his life out of portion.

Darick Spears has masterfully woven the stories of Ice during his sex craved moments and has given readers an insight at how these actions can lead to issues. It isn’t until the very ending where Ice will experience the biggest surprise and consequence of all. Readers will be left in suspense as to what happens next after Ice gets the wind of his doings. Who the woman is and what will follow next leads readers more piqued than before. Sex Tells is definitely for fans of Fifty Shades. Hot explicit sex scenes are found throughout this well-developed and well-written novel. Darick Spears is a new author on his way launching novels, that will grab readers in fast and leave them wondering. I highly recommend this to readers who like sexy, intense, and powerful reads.


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