Best Fiction Award Winners



The Best Fiction Award Winners are as follows:

  • Jennifer Renson – 1st Place in YA
  • Ryan Hill – 2nd Place in YA
  • Lee Wolf- 3rd Place in YA


  • Courtney Psak – 1st Place in Romance
  • Hal Rappaport – 2nd Place in Romance
  • Anita Claire – 3rd Place in Romance


  • Kevin Anglade – 1st Place in Mytery/Thrillers
  • Alan Joshua – 2nd Place in Mystery/Thrillers
  • Robert Sparkman – 3rd Place in Mystery/Thrillers


Thank you everyone, for entering the Best Fiction Awards, for 2015! We were excited and thrilled to have so many enter. It was a great journey in reading, reviewing, and critiquing each novel. The variety of voices and the levels of writing were amazing this year.  Thank you!

For those you did not sign up this time, we will be hosting the Best Fiction Awards again for 2016. Please, check back for further details.

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