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Having been to hell and back, the eager sisters from Ukraine – Natalia, Lena and Julia – decide to retire from selling sex and walk the straight and narrow path back home. But when an old friend calls them with an opportunity to make buckets of ‘easy’ money in South Africa, they find it impossible to refuse.

Return to the night life of the entertainment business brings along all the old familiar temptations – alcohol, drugs, prostitution…

Can the girls resist their vices and stay together? Or will this industry destroy their sanity and their family?

Inspired by real life events, Craved is a fascinating story of addiction, survival and the art of making a living in the sex trade.

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

Craved by Lola Smirnova is a dark and intriguing first hand glimspe into the lives of three women. These three women have gone through one bad rollercoaster ride and just when they think they can right their worlds once more, all breaks down. Readers will like how addicitve the journeys are for these characters and how hard temptation is to resist. It’s not that the women don’t try to be good. Try being good, and having life treating you like garbage. This then leads the women questioning why they ever left the lives they lived before. Making easy money seems to be the best only route for these three. Whether they come out on top or go back to plunging deep in the darkness once again, is for readers to find out. I definitely enjoyed this story of survival and addiction. Overall, I highly recommend this novel to readers weverywhere.

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