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Even though Meg Anderson’s hell-raising days are over, coming home to Anderson Butte isn’t easy, especially when her impossible-to-please dad is the mayor and her do-gooder siblings run the place. But with another job lost and the gorgeous father of her daughter trying to make contact after disappearing three years ago, a break is definitely in order. Hopefully the little town filled with big, juicy secrets can help.

After being off the grid for years, Josh Granger, a man with his own secrets, wants Meg and his daughter back. But first he has to get past townspeople as protective as a pack of rottweilers. He’s not the man Meg thinks he is, but he can’t tell her why…not yet.

As Meg slowly warms to Josh, it’s clear the old spark is still there. But when his secret is exposed—along with Meg’s own shocking revelation—will it tear their family apart again, or bind them forever?

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review: 

Readers get ready for a crazy, funny, and romantic read. It Had to Be Him is indeed a must read for all. Tamra Baumann has beautifully written a novel that will entice readers everywhere to her characters. Characters like Meg Anderson and Josh Granger. Meg is a tough woman, who is trying do her best for her daughter’s sake. She’s trying to avoid her ex and wonders about why he’s trying to find her and their daughter. It was apparent to Meg that he didn’t want them and now he does. Josh is the hero all women love. He has somethings he needs to bring out in the open and tell Meg. However, reaching her will prove to be difficult. The close knit town, a family that protects its own, and last but not least convincing Meg to hear him out. Then there’s the pressure Meg feels being stuck back in her home town. Her family is still giving her a rough time and she’s more than willing to show them that she has changed.

It Had to Be Him is one rollercoaster ride readers don’t want to miss. Tamra Baumann has woven together a romance that shows readers what family, trust, love are really like. We can imagine it but expericening it inside this magnificent novel is truly amazing. The annoying sibling treatment is and Meg’s grandma bring the family life and humor to the story in ways readers will love. Readers will find twists and turns as the well-developed plot unfolds before them. This is one journey, I highly recommend to readers world wide. Tamra Baumann never disappoints. Her novels are superb and her characters pop off the pages becoming realistic human beings. The stories overall, will tug and cause reader’s hearts to melt. Overall, It Had to Be Him is the perfect read.

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