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On July 22, 1992 Pablo Escobar – the feared leader of the notorious Medellin Cartel – simply walked out of the Envigado prison. The latter was a luxurious facility that he had essentially designed for himself and a selection of his most trusted henchmen.

Free from even the minimal restrictions of the Envigado, Escobar was intent on continuing with role as the world’s preeminent drug trafficker. This he would do with practiced and unrestrained violence.

For the United States Government, it was the last of very many straws.

Intent upon ending his savage reign for all time, the decision-makers in Washington threw everything they had into the mix to find him and finish him…

… to include a covert Special Activity known as The Org.

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

Sicario by Regis P. Sheehan is outstanding. It’s gives readers a realistic first hand glimpse into a dangerous world. Readers will be fascinated with this stunning plot. A story that will keep readers turning the pages and seating at the edge of their seats. Intrigue, danger, and adveture can al be found within these pages. A hit man’ life is one hell of a roller caoster ride that readers will see, hear and imagine. It’s almost as if the readers are there experiencing all of the action instead of reading it.

Sicario is indeed a must read. Regis P. Sheehan shows readers all of the inner as well as the outer workings of a hit man, drug lords, and government ways. A brilliant way of informing yet entertaining readers at the same time. Readers may even have nightmares after reading this story. The cartel is a very dangerous enemy and their dealings are very deadly. Overall, I highly recommend this novel to readers everywhere. I definitely enjoyed reading this and look forward to reading more by the writer in the future.

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