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A year ago, Danny Ryan lost his wife and son in a car accident. He’s still reeling from the tragedy when Michael Cohen, his friend and fellow journalist, drives into the pond in front of his house with a bullet through his gut.

With Michael’s death ruled a murder, Danny must work to get his name crossed off the list of suspects, and that means digging into Michael’s last article, an expose of the twisted side of Philadelphia politics. But powerful people are ready to kill to protect what Michael was about to uncover, and if Danny’s not careful, he’ll be next.

The dark heart of the city is on display in Sarah Cain’s gripping debut thriller, The 8th Circle.

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

The 8th Circle by Sarah Cain is the most intriguing thriller I have read. Readers will get an insider’s peak to the real dangers of what journalists uncover. The wrong doers are powerful and they do kill, if their secrets are about to be revealed. Readers will see the scenes of crime come to life with every page. Sarah Cain’s words are vivid and show readers what the corrupt evil ones do to innocent human beings…like a journalist who ends up dead. Then his best friend digs into his work and soon the danger is chasing after him. Can the innocent escape the powerful clutches of evil, or will more lives be shattered to keep things quiet?

Sarah Cain’s debut novel, The 8th Circle, is packed full of live action. Suspense hangs thickly and readers are aware that death is just lingering around the corner. A journalist dies with a bullet to his chest and the next thing that happens is his best friend becomes a suspect. Now, after losing his wife and child Danny Ryan loses his best friend. A friend that dug deep enough into dirt that the dirt came back to get him. Politics is a nasty business to begin with and then add corruptiveness to the mixture, and it’s never good. Michael Cohen found something bad enough that got himself killed. What he didn’t realise was that it would kill him and maybe his best friend too. Readers will love the mystery of who’s behind it all and why. Then there’s also the question of what kind of dirt did Danny Ryan’s best friend find…I highly recommend this stunning plot with its twists and turns. Readers will be on the edge of their seats with this story.



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