Why Is Literature So Important?



Why is Literature So Important?

By Danielle Urban


Everywhere we look, literature is everywhere. It’s talked about a lot. People are taught literature at a young age and all through their school life. Literature can be taught or passed on verbally or in written form. We share it with others. Literature is in a way a sort of communication.  The kind of communication that brings forth a form of expression. Reading a piece of literature, we can find morals being taught or maybe it’s a way of documenting life’s events. Events that can be about important figures, places, and things. Maybe these are what educates us in shaping the future.

For example, history is a form of literature. It’s told in way that documents who, when, where, and why. It not only tells us but also, shows us what happens when a certain event causes things like war, segregation, and death to many. We don’t read what was recorded so that we may be aware of what happened and maybe to prevent us from doing the same mistakes twice. Literature cases emotion. Things in history may cause us to cry or feel sympathy. Maybe we feel hopeful or inspired to see that none of the bad things happen again.

History inspires, educates and causes expression within its readers. Literature teaches, entertains, and promotes. Teaches us right from wrong. Entertains us by taking us to different places and cultures we could possible never dream of.  Promotes different agendas. Literature can be taken seriously or not so seriously, but no matter how we perceive it, it changes us and the way we analyze everything.

Literature is important because its education at its best. We learn things that we probably wouldn’t have learned, if we didn’t read or write it down and pass on to others. Once literature is written and shared, it goes around like a virus. One person passes it onto another person. Then that person passes it onto another person until soon a good majority of the populations have read and analyzed the piece of literature. It may sway some to change their political thinking or it may make other see the world in a new light. Or it might be something funny that teaches a child words.

Words that take that child’s imagination into a new place. Literature can explain why something happens the way it does or it might question we already know as fact. It causes us to analyze and to react in a way that may be the same as our neighbor or different than our neighbor. But that’s why literature is important. We can pass on a culture or history to our people or teach them new things. Or to persuade others to our side. Maybe we just want to make people laugh or cry or feel good. Whatever the reasons are for literature, it has a strong impact on our lives and thus it is important. Not to us but to future generations.

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